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ArtxFM / WXOX-LP Louisville (deejay 2017-present)

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Salamander Guac: “Sergio’s weekly, farm-fresh blend of experiment-ocado, alt-pop de gallo, and global indie-phibians — guacamole for your ears.” (Tuesdays 4-6pm)

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WRFL 88.1FM Radio Free Lexington (General Manager 2015-2017, Design Director 2014-2015, deejay 2014-2017)

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The Bazaar (2016) was a weekly radio show that featured international music released in the last 7 days or less. From Arabic hip-hop and Japanese underground to jungle wave and Scandinavian soul, it was a fresh-to-death, multi-cultural musical feast. The show was accompanied by International Music guides, released in the station’s triannual zine, and presentation on modern Baltic music.

[a journey through the depths of the internet / crossing oceans / in the blink of an eye / you can blame the / global democratization / of music production and promotion / (a recent phenomenon) / and Western colonialism / (for which we still haven’t found a cure) / all I ask, is, / don’t blame WRFL]

[see full track lists (out of order) here: bazaar soundcloud playlists]



catacombs.exe (2017) revisited one of WRFL’s most treasured shows, The Catacombs, but with a computerized twist. The focus was on modern experimental music, where music has more to do with laptops than circuit-bending, and the possibilities are truly endless. Have  listen below.

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