zine culture

zine culture: 1. make a zine, 2. trade a zine, 3. repeat

A zine is a small, independent publication which is usually made by hand and replicated using a photocopier. Zines often deal with topics that may be too niche or controversial for conventional publication. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and are usually published out of love, rather than for profit. There are zine festivals all over the United States and the world.

Nathan designed WRFL’s triannual zine, the RiFLe, and has since begun creating his own. The RiFLe is WRFL’s triannual zine and program guide. It includes poetry, art, prose, and more from the stations deejays and friends.

Summer 2015 RiFLe


New Zineland, made from ephemera collected during an eight week trip in New Zealand in June and July 2015 (use arrows to navigate)

  • new zinelandbw0001 e1462605466480 700x900 - zine culture


Mao “Zine” Dong’s Zine Dynastymade from stuff gathered while on an 11-day tour of Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing

  • mao 1 e1503417741417 - zine culture


submissions to Ben Southworth’s Iron Post zine: 

  • and I will print it page 001 e1493298744651 - zine culture


Spring 2015 RiFLe (click to enlarge)

excerpted scans from the Spring 2015 RiFLe:

  • directors 1 - zine culture


Fall 2014 RiFLe (click to enlarge)